1. French photographers Carlos Ayesta and Guillaume Bression traveled to the contaminated areas of Fukushima prefecture to document what would become a two-part photographic project that examines the disaster from the perspective of the effect on both inhabitants and landscapes of the area. The result “Bad Dreams?” is fascinating — and surreal: http://slate.me/16DuOw7


  2. fotojournalismus:

    A woman waits for customers at her roadside stall selling cane baskets in Hyderabad, India on August 16, 2013.

    [Credit : Mahesh Kumar A/AP]


  3. Human bodies become amazing works of art in artist Carl Warner's series, “Bodyscapes”. Click here to see how Warner has turned flesh into fantastic landscapes: http://slate.me/19ylV9b


  4. These scanned fast-food items are utterly gross, yet also completely mesmerizing. Photographer Jon Feinstein has paid close attention to all things fast food, especially with his series he titled “Fast Food.” See more incredible photos here: http://slate.me/16eu2mh


  5. latimes:

    Government crackdown prompts bloodshed in Egypt

    Security forces have moved in on two sit-ins organized in support of deposed Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, razing their camps and firing on demonstrators in a shocking display of force.

    Conflicting reports of casualty figures ranged from 40 to more than 300, according to local media reports and the Muslim Brotherhood, respectively.

    The death toll was expected to climb as the sit-ins turned from scenes of flag-waving protests to images reminiscent of war. The wounded and the dead were carried to a makeshift field hospital next to the Rabaa mosque, where doctors donned gas masks and floors were slippery with blood.

    Protesters and police clashed near Cairo University and Rabaa, with security officials setting camps ablaze while snipers watched from above. A state of emergency has been declared in all Egyptian cities, as Morsi supporters try to recover their mounting casualties.

    Read more from the scene over at World Now.

    Photos: Mosaab El-Shamy / EPA, Aly Hazzaa, Ahmed Abd El Latif / Associated Press

    (via humanrightswatch)


  6. There’s a reason why they call Los Angeles the “City of Dreams.”  In his photos of Los Angeles, Nguan captures this disparity while treading a line between beauty and ugliness, splendor and horror — see more photos here: http://slate.me/1bvUw4U


  7. fotojournalismus:

    Managua, Nicaragua

    During the festivities to honour Managua’s patron saint Santo Domingo de Guzman on August 10, 2013. The festival bring together devotees of all types of social and economic status including Catholics, transvestites, sex workers and gang members to one of the poorest neighbourhoods of the capital city.

    Photos by Esteban Felix/AP


  8. Photographer Anthony Karen documents the uncensored, raw world of the Ku Klux Klan in this series. Karen’s ability to gain access into the KKK led to a collaboration with the Discovery Channel on a documentary about the Klan titled KKK: Beneath the HoodMore photos here: http://slate.me/15zyZm7


  9. When photographer David Woolfall decided to photograph erotic fiction writers for his project, “Kinky Books,” he discovered that most of them were women. The photos that followed were surprising and intimate — but not in the way that one might expect: http://slate.me/14DKOvj


  10. Photographer Wang Qingsong's large-scale photographs of China tackle everything from education and international politics to religion and consumption. See more here: http://slate.me/16FDDUd